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DeBokton Book - Find your hero within!

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Do you want your kids reading books about heroes with questionable integrity and morality?

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I grew up in a very creative family. Our idea of a good time was a role-playing game, a day in the park, skill toys, or talking about our new story ideas.

My mom, especially, has written a lot of stories. Back when I was a kid, she used to homeschool us. She was going to teach my older sisters about writing short stories, so she sat down to write, and it turned into her first trilogy. My whole family jumped on the creative bandwagon and got into our own stories. Soon enough, they had so many stories, they decided to publish them and open their own company: DeBokton Book.

What I really like about these books is that they are creative, relatable, uplifting, and have good morals. The heroes are very heroic and noble. The lessons learned in the books inspire you to become a better person.

My favorite books from DeBokton Book

  • The Heroes Trilogy - These started it all. It’s a really interesting and fun trilogy.

  • The Stanton Curse - This is a romance novel that teaches about self-control.

  • Blade-01 - This is a spy novel (the heroine was based off me!).

  • Festival Knights - This is a romance novel that I wouldn’t recommend to young readers, but it has a very good moral about chastity.

  • Royal Duty - This is a beautiful fairytale, based on an original play that I was in and my mom directed. (That’s me on the cover!)

  • The Frothy Mug - This is a medieval book with a masked hero.

I don’t really do the stories justice in my descriptions. I definitely recommend all of them though!

DeBokton Read Aloud

I just recently found this channel by DeBokton Book, which is where they read kids books out loud. Personally, I love audio books, so I was very excited to find this. They have videos reading the Woodcreek Academy series. My brother, Todd (part of the genius behind the Epic Food Code), wrote this cute series.


DeBokton’s motto is “Find your hero within.” Even if you don’t read a book about it, think about a great example of nobility and moral strength, either from fiction or real life. I want you to think of one thing you can do today to be a little more like that person. Life is all about daily improvement.


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