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Why I love my Enso rings

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Do you wear your rings during every activity you participate in?

A product that I would highly recommend for active people, which I believe has improved the quality of my life and my husband's life, is the Enso ring. Enso rings are high quality silicone rings that can replace wedding bands or other kinds of rings for stylish comfort.

As an active person, I like to move around, work with my hands, play on my exercise pole, and various other things. The problem is, I love wearing rings. Back when I used to weight lift, my rings would pinch my finger all the time. Then when I got engaged, my engagement ring would get caught on things and I would constantly worry about losing it or are scratching something with it. (It is so perfect, I couldn't bear the thought of messing it up.)

As such, I usually just wore my wedding band. Though even still, the metal would click against other metals and pinch when doing pull-ups or on my exercise pole.

My husband works in trade with a lot of electricity, so he should never wear a metal ring to work. I definitely wanted him to wear his ring to work, but I didn't want him to lose his finger either.

Then I heard about silicone rings.

Enso was honestly the first and last place I looked. I love the quality of their rings! Most silicone rings you see are really dull and look like plastic. They look like those old Livestrong bracelets that we used to wear a decade or two ago, which did not have much appeal.

I talked to a lot of people about their silicone rings. I heard several complaints, but Enso didn’t apply to any of them.

Problems with regular silicone rings

People complained about their rings not breathing enough. The skin under the ring wouldn't dry off as quickly after a shower and sometimes they’d get sweaty around the ring. Fortunately, Enso has little breathing grooves in it, so I've never had that issue. I wear my rings all the time. I wear them in the shower, when I sleep, in the heat, in the cold, when I’m cooking, and when I’m working out. I haven’t had any issues with them (excepting the stackables, which don’t have breathing grooves).

The appearance of most silicone rings are kind of dull compared to metal rings, but Enso has a very nice luster to it. The elements collection are infused with real metals, so it's actually really shiny and keeps its luster. It also doesn't fade over time, like some silicone rings do.

Enso collections

  • Elements collection

This is, by far, my favorite. Ross and I each have two of these - we have matching peacock quartz rings, and he has a yellow gold ring and I have a rose gold ring. We wear these more often than our actual wedding rings.

These are infused with the metals that they emulate. They really do look like metal! I've had people ask me what type of metal my peacock quartz ring was. It sometimes takes people a good amount of time to figure out that it's not actually a metal ring when I'm wearing my rose gold one as well.

  • Contour collection - One of my favorites!

All the beauty of the elements collection with a more elegant style. Beveled edges with a center groove. I so badly want one (or five)!

  • Legends collection - One of my favorites!

I have the unicorn ring. It has a nice, pearly luster to it and it doesn't look like it's made of metal but it has a nice shine, which hasn't faded at all. I received a Pixie ring for Christmas and I love it!

  • Stackable collection

I have two of these in the braided form. I don't like them as much because they look a little bit more like the silicone rings that I was complaining about. But they stack well and they look nice. I have them for my pinky, but I don't wear them very often.

  • Ultralite collection

These don’t appeal to me as much, since they are so wide, but they seem popular with sporty people. They aren’t shiny though.

  • Infinity collection

These are similar to the Ultralite style, but they aren’t as wide and have infinity symbols engraved in them.

  • Bevel collection

These are nice shapes with the classic colors you’ll see in Ultralite, Infinity, and Stackable.

  • Birthstone collection - One of my favorites!

These are new, so I haven’t gawked at them as much yet, but looking at them, I really wish I had a blank check for Enso rings! I did recently order an Amethyst ring for my husband for Christmas! He loves it!

  • Bucket list family

These are basically matching engraved rings.

  • Bracelets

These are just like the stackable rings, but for your wrists.

  • Inked

These rings have colored patterns or images painted on them.

  • DualTone

These rings have two colors: one on the inside and one on the outside. They are very pretty.

Benefits of Enso rings

  • Enso rings have grooves inside of them so they're breathable.

  • They are non conductive, so if you work with electricity, you can keep your finger.

  • They are designed to break away from your finger, if you get it caught on something. It's not going to cut your finger off like a metal band will. (In fact, nearly losing a finger while rock climbing is why the founder created Enso.)

  • I've also heard they are very good with chemicals. If you work with chemicals, wear gloves, or wash your hands a lot, they might be worth looking into. (Great for people in the food or medical industry.)

  • They squish very easily and they're very comfortable on your finger, so if you work with metal or you work out a lot, then they don't pinch your finger at all.

  • They are shiny, elegant, and they look real.

  • They're comfortable. If you have a difficult time getting your husband to wear a ring, then this might be a good one for you because you can forget that it's there.

  • There's a lot of variety of styles, colors, and elements.

  • They have engraving options.

  • There is a money back guarantee.

  • There's also a warranty on the rings, so they should last for your whole life. My husband's gold ring got torn and they replaced it for free with no hassle!

All in all, I love Enso rings!

Cons of Enso rings

The cons of Enso rings are very few. I'd say the biggest con is their price. The elements rings (my favorites) are about $40. It’s kind of expensive for silicone (not for regular rings though), but the quality is top notch. Some silicone rings are only a couple of bucks, but they wear and fade. Granted, I’ve bought five Enso rings for myself and two for my husband, so obviously I think it’s worth it.

I really love these rings. I wear them all the time, including one as a wedding band. Nowadays, I only wear my regular rings to church on Sundays. Enso is something that you can wear all the time and maybe you can even ditch the wedding ring, if you want. Twenty Enso rings are cheaper than most engagement rings, so it’s a great alternative. (Granted, I am in love with my engagement ring, so I am so happy I have it.)

Another con is that since they aren't real metal, you can sometimes tell that they're not real metal and they do look cheaper than multi-hundred dollar wedding bands.

They do relax a little bit after their first few days, so for the first few days you might feel suffocated on your finger, because they're so tight. I would recommend rounding your ring size down with Enso. I was a size six and a half (now I'm more of a 6), so I have a size six Enso ring. Mine is a little loose, but the ring has good friction, so it has never slipped off.


Though I would definitely recommend Enso rings, as always, I'd recommend waiting a few days before you buy anything. But If you do decide to buy Enso rings, I think they're fantastic. If you use this link, you’ll get free shipping on your first order!


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