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Beginning your Creativity/Consumption Balance

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Are you satisfied with your creativity and consumption habits?

Do you ever feel trapped by how busy you feel? Do you catch yourself spending hours looking at a screen and not knowing where the time went? Do you feel guilty that you don’t spend enough time with your family or friends? And when you do spend time with them, are you often distracted by a phone, a book, music, TV, or countless other interruptions? Then when you resolve to do better, do you find yourself quickly slipping back into the same habits?

I know I have done every single one of these things. It is a tough cycle to break. Especially in our modern society where there are so many interesting things that are easily accessible; we quickly become addicted to stimulation.

Take a moment to reflect on all you have done in the past 24 hours. About how much of that time have you spent watching, listening to, or reading something? For most of us, it’s nearly constant; on average we spend a great deal of our time on consumption.

A note on consumption

Consumption is not a bad thing! It is necessary and productive in many ways. Let’s define consumption as something we input. Clearly, consuming food, information, books, podcasts, movies, the talents of others, social media, and more can add a great deal of meaning and value to our lives, so I am not saying that should stop.

The main problem is that we spend so much time consuming or inputting that we rarely have time to develop our own original thoughts so that we can start creating or outputting more good into the world. We need to find a healthy balance of creativity and consumption. The reason this is so hard is because both are great things, but consumption is easier, so we tend to default to that.

My purpose

I want to help you practice developing a more satisfying and fulfilling life by putting creativity before consumption, learn how to be bored properly, and develop closer relationships with your friends, family, and your own thoughts. I don’t know everything, but I will tell you my experiences and what has helped me on my path.


I appreciate you taking the time to consume this post. Now let’s start creating! My challenge for you is to spend 5 minutes writing about any thoughts that come to your mind. You can do this on a scrap piece of paper or a journal. Set a timer and don’t worry about being random or incoherent. You can probably do it right now! Go ahead I’ll wait.

I just did it too! Those 5 minutes went by quickly!


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