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The secret to loving your job

Are you excited to go to work?

Unfortunately, many people dislike their jobs and feel unsatisfied with the work they are doing. It’s easy to get bogged down in the stress and lose your passion.

Did you ever enjoy your job?

When you first got your job, were you excited? I’m sure you were nervous, but were you thrilled to join a company you loved and eager to do a great job?

I know I was when I first started at my company. I had loved this company for many years, and I got my dream job that I didn’t deserve, but I was determined to be worthy of it. I was (and still am) so grateful to be part of such an awesome team. Even though I got my dream job, some days I forget to be grateful for and excited about the work I do.

Why did you choose your line of work?

Why are you in the career you are in? I’m sure a big motivator had to do with some form of reliable income in a field that you’re good at. Some of us follow our passions and some of us follow the paths that are available to us. If you did follow your passion, why is it your passion? If you didn’t follow your passion, how can you become passionate about it?

My mom always told me, “Instead of doing what you love, try loving what you have to do.” As such, even if you aren’t in a field you love, you might as well find the good parts of it. If you have to do it, you might as well enjoy it.

What is your purpose?

Why is someone paying you? What good are you putting into the world? I want you to look for ways to find pride in your work. What constitutes a job well done? Do you do that? I’ve found that I get the most job satisfaction on days where I am focusing on the overarching goals, rather than surviving the next fire or getting through a long list of tasks.

Of course there are nitty gritties you have to take care of and of course you are going to have fires to put out and major obstacles giving you overwhelming stress sometimes, but if you are in a good company with a good job and a good purpose, you can overcome all of those obstacles. And even in the midst of those trials, you can still enjoy what you do.

Who are you helping?

This is the key to really loving your job. Who are you helping in your line of work? What impact do you make on other people’s lives? Don’t shortchange yourself here, because even if people don’t really notice you as someone who brings value, their lives might be a lot worse without you. I know I wouldn’t want to live without garbage men, even though I don’t often stop to be thankful to them. Trade workers, CEOs, entertainers, receptionists, managers, teachers, accountants, and so many more lines of work give amazing value to our lives.

As such, I want you to imagine how your work affects other people. Do you make people happy? Do you remove inconveniences? Do you provide conveniences? Do you help families bond? Do you comfort the weary? Do you empower people to help themselves? Do you encourage and motivate people? What is it you do that makes the lives of others better?

That is what I want you to focus your mindset on; how you help people.

That is the whole purpose of our jobs. Of course, money is always a big motivator, but you can’t be effective if you don’t care about the people. No one wants to do business with a heartless guttersnipe. Plus, you’ll be miserable if it’s just about getting your money; the only day of work you’ll enjoy is pay day, which isn’t generally dense in our work days.

If you truly love the people you serve, it won’t prevent stressful days, but it’ll help you keep perspective and enjoy most of your days at work. Pay day is still nice when you care about people, so you get the added happiness of knowing you’re making a difference in the world every other day of work.

My reminder

I have a note on my work computer so that every time I come in to work I see it. It says: I am so grateful for this wonderful job I have and the opportunities it gives me to grow and bless the lives of amazing children in my community!

Reading that every day reminds me why I am there and increases my desire to do a good job; I know each one of the people I help is a child of God and intrinsically important. Whatever my influence is, if I can give these children good habits, push them in the right direction, or even change one kid’s life, it’ll all be well worth my efforts. They are each so precious and when I remember that, I don’t even feel like I’m working; I feel like part of a family.


I want you to reflect on these questions about your job. I know all of our circumstances are quite different, so I won’t tell you what to do, but I would advise to figure out what you do to help others and focus on the beauty of making another human’s life better.

I’d also like you to write some sort of affirmation for you to see when you come into work every day. Here’s a template:

I am so grateful for this job because ____. I am thankful to have my needs met and I take pride and joy in helping ____. I make a difference by ____. The world needs and deserves my best efforts.

(I adjusted my own affirmation with this template and I like it even better now.)


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