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My book, The King of Kalbem

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

What would you enjoy writing about?

I'm going to try something a little different. Starting this Friday, I'll post chapters every week of the fiction novel I wrote, called The King of Kalbem. I'd like to take this opportunity to speak some on my experience writing the book. (I'll avoid spoilers.)

My interest in writing

As I've mentioned previously, I grew up in a very creative family with a knack for writing fiction. I always enjoyed listening to my sisters tell me about the worlds they created from their minds and reading the many books my mom wrote. I came up with many story ideas of my own over time, but I was never able to transform them into more than 20 pages or so.

The evolution of The King of Kalbem

This book has had so many editions. The first draft I started was probably in 2007 and was called "Love over Life". Katrina and William were rangers and there wasn't much of a plot. It was brought to my attention that the title implied that the main character should die, so I changed it to "Living for Love". In either 2013 or 2014 I and wrote the first 30 pages. At some point, I changed the title to "The King of Kalbem" because it aligned more with my intentions for the book. Then in early 2015 I finally got on a roll with the writing and finished the book. At least it had a plot and was long enough to count as a novel.

I never really felt like it was done though. It had a change of genre when you read past the first 30 pages and I had a lot to criticize about it. Occasionally I would go back and make edits to try to smooth it out, but I still wasn't satisfied. In the spring of 2019, I revisited the book, now having more life experience and having actually experienced marriage. I worked through the book a few times to fix it up some.

Then I read it to my husband. Ross was really helpful and gave me several ideas for the ending the book now has. I went back through and became much more satisfied with it.

In the past week, I started going through it, yet again, to edit and polish. I don't consider myself a great writer and I feel somewhat embarrassed, or rather vulnerable for others to read the story. I really enjoy this story, as I wrote a lot of my heart into it.

We write based on our life experience

If nothing else, this story illustrates how I think. The villains act in manners I despise, the heroes act in ways I admire, the conflicts have some basis in experiences I've had in my life, and all of the emotions expressed are ones I've felt to some extent.

Perhaps the sweetest storylines are the ones we plot ourselves, as we know exactly what we like. I'm not as talented in painting a vivid picture for a reader or as cleaver in constructing a plot as I'd like to be, but I still enjoy writing.

I guess my point is that I don't really mind if no one reads my book, as I wrote it for myself. It's a plot I enjoy with characters I know and love.

We all have a story

I've noticed that nearly everyone I meet has a story idea, but they never actually write the story. Why is that? Fear of failure? Lack of experience? Lack of writing ability? Lack of time? Lack of effort towards creativity? Who knows?

Why not simply write your idea? It's okay if no one reads it, it's okay if you don't get published. Create, and enjoy the fruits of your creativity. It's hard to put ourselves out there and it's hard to endure the possibility of rejection, but it does you no good to squelch your creativity.

We all love the person who will read our work or consume our creation, but a lack of consumers shouldn't stop us from creating. Creating is a life-giving activity that inspires and uplifts. As you create, you may learn more about yourself and the world around you, regardless of what happens to your creation when you finish.


Don't hold back on your creativity. If you have an idea, go for it!

And if you're feeling loving enough to start reading my book, you'll find the table of contents and chapters posted below. Let me know what you think!

The King of Kalbem

Dedicated to my husband, the man who taught me that true love is real and happily ever after can be lived every day.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: New Beginnings

Chapter 2: Discovery

Chapter 3: Twisted Perception

Chapter 4: Imprisoned

Chapter 5: Coming Home

Chapter 6: True Friendship

Chapter 7: Happily Ever After Begins

Chapter 8: New Arrivals

Chapter 9: The Tournament

Chapter 10: Making Friends

Chapter 11: Family Time

Chapter 12: The Task

Chapter 13: The Budding Flower

Chapter 14: A Liar Knows Nothing of Fairplay

Chapter 15: The Victor

Chapter 16: Poison

Chapter 17: Regrouping

Chapter 18: Failed Preparations - Post coming October 23rd!

Chapter 19: Why Goodness is Strength - Post coming October 30th!

Chapter 20: Happily Ever After Continues - Post coming November 6th!



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