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82 Presents in 15 categories - Gift Ideas

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Do you have an easy time getting presents for people?

As I've mentioned before, I love giving presents. I think it helps bond people together, helps people feel loved and appreciated, and helps develop connections. This is a type of consumption that I greatly approve of.

However, it tends to be very difficult to find good presents for people. Too often we end up getting a bunch of useless junk that either the person won't appreciate or don't want, and it ends up collecting dust on a shelf.

Finding meaningful gifts for a variety of family and friends that we have is a very difficult task, which we regularly have to deal with around birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, or various other holidays. You might end up resorting to gift cards or something that is a little less personal and directly related to cash.

I struggle with this, like everyone. So I would like to give a few of my ideas for gifts that show care and appreciation, without being necessarily too expensive, that can add value to the lives of people you care about.

Practical Ideas

This is both useful, and somewhat sweet. If you have a friend who loves Disney, what better gift can you give than to both invest in their future, and also give them a piece of a company they truly love?

Books are fantastic sources of knowledge and entertainment. There are many fantastic fiction and non-fiction options.

  • Amazon Alexa Products

These are fantastic devices that are easy gifts and basically everyone likes them. I use the 2nd generation Echo Dot around my house, and I love it. The new 3rd generation Echo Dot also has a clock built in! These are also compatible with a lot of devices, which I sadly haven't been able to try out yet, but the one I plan to buy next is the Echo Glow.

Pretty Ideas

  • Crystal Puzzles

These are beautiful and fun items that take a little bit of creativity and thought to put together, but look fantastic around the house. I absolutely love them.

These flowers are the centerpiece on my kitchen table. There are so many different figurines you can build: Elsa, Belle, Ariel, Rapunzel, Tinker Bell, Bambi, Stitch, Buzz Lightyear, Snoopy, Pikachu, a dragon (multiple color options), a pegasus, a T-Rex, a giraffe, a panda, a bunny, a lion, a butterfly, a duck, a dolphin, a carousel, a pirate ship, Cinderella's castle, an apple, a rose, hearts, a sapphire, and so much more!

  • Plants

Adding a touch of colorful life around the house is a great gift for plant lovers. I currently have a majesty palm in my room and an aloe vera in the kitchen, but not enough room in my apartment for all of the other air purifying plants that I want.

Fun Ideas

  • Games

Give people a chance to connect with others around them. You can give a game for Christmas, and then enjoy it together. Apples to Apples is a classic, Munchkin is fun for gamers, and SET is great for people who are good at math (whether they know it or not!).

If you have friends who would enjoy a new, unique hobby, these are fantastic options. These include juggling, contact juggling, poi, baton twirling, fan dancing, and much more!

  • Physics Toys

These are nice desk ornaments or toys that kids love. Here are links to a few ideas: weightlifter balance, unicycle weight balance, surfer balance, plane balance, plasma ball, Euler's disk, kinetic art asteroid, gyroscope, Newton's cradle, and the swinging sticks (as seen in Iron Man 2).

  • Hanayama puzzles

These are fun brain teasers for all ages. I have a bunch in my office at work. Pay attention to the level though! Here are examples from each level: Level 1 - Key; Level 2 - Harmony; Level 3 - Delta; Level 4 - Mobius; Level 5 - Helix; and Level 6 - Vortex.

Sentimental Ideas

  • Photo albums

Make it personal using pictures and memories that they might like to have.

  • Handmade crafts

If you like crafts, then this really adds the personal touch to a gift.

  • An audio recording of you, reading your favorite book to them

This can be priceless.

  • A collection of notes and/or videos from people they love about how much they care about them

This costs nothing, but might take some coordination.

  • A stack of letters from you, for various occasions

When my husband and I were long distance, I sent a package of letters for a bunch of different occasions, such as "Open when you're sad," "Open when you did something awesome," "Open when you need to feel loved," and so on.

  • Fill in the love

These are sweet bundles of love with a personal touch.

  • Share your memories

These are both sweet, meaningful gifts as well as priceless family heirlooms.

It's okay to ask

Don't be afraid to just ask them what they want. I actually prefer picking out my own presents because I know what I want better than anyone. And sure, surprises are nice, but a lot of the times, the fact that you go through the effort to give those items to them is still meaningful. Maybe they weren't going to get it for themselves or it was something you made for them. And if they don't appreciate a gift from you, I might recommend considering why you're still giving gifts to them.


When is the next time that you need a gift for someone? If you need a gift for someone in the near future, I would recommend looking into some of these options. Of course, I think probably the best of all of these is giving them the gift of something that you created. Find something to create and give those you love a piece of yourself through your creations.


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