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How can Stockpile help your children?

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Do your kids know about the stock market?

I consider Stockpile more of an educational platform for kids rather than an investment broker. It’s a lot like Stash, where you can buy partial stocks based on how much money you want to put into it, for as low as $1 of stock. They both also use the familiar logos of the company for easy recognition of your favorite brands. There aren’t a lot of tools to work with though.

The main benefit of Stockpile is its ease of giving stocks as gifts. The drawback is each transaction costs 99¢, so depending on how much you invest, it can be hard to make up for these costs. I prefer this to the monthly costs of Stash though, because it only charges when I do something and the fewer transactions you have and the more money you put in, the less difference it makes. I would recommend generally buying no less than $50 of stock.

However, I only put about $30 quarterly into Stockpile. This is just so I can get familiar with it. I plan to open a custodial account for my future children (I hear these are really good) and teach them how the market works with it.

Key points

  • Good for gifts - you don't even need an account to give gifts!

  • Good for kids - very easy to understand investing.

  • 99¢ transactions

  • Partial stocks as low as $1

  • Logos and brands you can recognize


If you have kids, consider what they know about investing. Investing is so important and the earlier they learn, the better. Make a plan to educate your kids on the market and finance.


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