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The King of Kalbem: Chapter 7 - Happily Ever After Begins

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Chapter 7: Happily Ever After Begins

Michael was slightly shocked to hear about their fast engagement, but rigidly congratulated the couple and explained that he would go back to his home kingdom for his knighthood. He made haste to return to Tezel.

Kat was slightly surprised to find that Will already had a design for the ring for Kat; she had talked to him for years about her taste in jewelry, so Will made it exactly as she wanted. It was a lovely ring designed to look like a gardenia, with the stem wrapped around her finger and a diamond in the center of the flower. Nothing could have fit Kat's taste and personality better than that gorgeous ring that graced her left hand. In years to come, Kat wore it and cared for it as her most prized and loved possession; first only to her dragon pendant.

Kat wanted to make the ring for Will, which was unorthodox for a lady of breeding, so they would sneak into the silversmith shop together as he helped her make the gold ring. Being her first attempt at metalworking, it was nothing like the wonders Will had created, but he didn’t care. He thought it was perfect and looked forward to wearing it. “It’s like our relationship,” he described, “it’s not perfect, but it’s the most precious thing I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

The next year went by slowly and swiftly at the same time. The duties of Kat and Will became more and more taxing, but they still found time to go on evening walks together. It may be thought by some of their acquaintances that their engagement was rather fast as their love came out of nowhere, but in actuality, the love was always there. They realized that it doesn't always take much for a close friendship to turn into love. Though romance shouldn't be underrated, romance is much more easily come by than respect and trust. Fortunately, the romance came between the two, who were already full of respect and trust for one another.

It is with trepidation that the narrator describes the wedding in any detail, as the sacred joining of two souls in love is indescribable. From the look in Will's eyes when his bride entered the room, to the tingling feeling that went through their bodies as they made their vows, to the most beautiful kiss they had yet, to the stars twinkling in their eyes throughout the day, which they promised to never let disappear, only in the imagination can one understand this beautiful day they had, so in the imagination it will stay.

The ceremony was simple, elegant, and lovely. The party that followed was held in the ballroom in the palace. Since it was no longer a secret that Will was the prince, it was a royal wedding, feast and ball. Kat was very well trained in dancing, but fortunately though Will hadn't had much of his princely training yet, Kat had often made Will practice with her, so he was able to dance quite well at his wedding ball. It was most elegant. Kat and Will had a hard time taking their eyes off each other to greet their guests. They managed what most people would see as a fairytale wedding, though they didn't ride their horses off into the sunset since they were royalty, but were locked up in a certain area of the palace to spend the first month of their wedded bliss alone together.

Kat was a lovely bride. She wore a periwinkle blue dress with a crown of gardenias in her hair. Samantha’s painting was hung over the head table and was greatly awed over as the image of the moment Will asked Kat to marry him. The entire week was like a magical dream, yet it was too good to have been imagined in her head; it was real. She felt more whole than she had ever before in her life. Will had always been there with her, but now he was part of her. She felt that her better half had finally been sealed to her, and now she had her whole self, with Will. He felt the exact same way.

Normally, the story would end there, saying that they lived happily ever after. Perhaps they even had a fleeting thought that their lives might close like a storybook right there, but fortunately, they had the imaginations to be aware of what comes after happily ever after.

Though the couple did live happily ever after, they had their share of trials and difficulties, only a few of which we will observe. There was much to learn of love and life, and they were now to learn and grow in more togetherness than had ever been possible before.

Together, Will and Kat learned that happily ever after isn't a place where you can just arrive; it is a journey down a long road. Kat realized when she was married that the happily ever after she had always looked forward to as a future event was actually something she had always been experiencing in her every day life.

Some days she would stray from the path, but she was always able to get back on it, and now after this significant landmark, the road of happily ever after stretched before her. She was so grateful that she now had her companion to walk this road with her. She prayed she could be the kind of woman to uplift and support Will through all time, and she earnestly hoped that they would stay on that road of happily ever after together and never stray from that beloved path.

* * * * *

When they arrived at the honeymoon suite, there was a letter on the pillow of the bed. It was addressed, “To Prince William, on the day of his wedding,” with the royal seal.

Kat put her arms around him from behind and rested her head on his shoulder as he opened the letter for them to read. “It's from the queen,” Will breathed, “my mother.” They read:

My Dearest William,

I'm writing this on the day of your birth, my son. I fear my time grows short, but do not despair, I will still be watching out for you. As I hold this infant in my arms, dreaming of the life I won't get to raise, I take special notice of your wedding. My darling, this is when your life begins. Even though life will no longer be about you, it will be more beautiful and enriching than you could possibly imagine by yourself. I don’t know who this lady you are marrying is, but I imagine you have chosen well. I was fortunate enough to choose the wonderful man I married for his service-oriented mindset and deep care for those around him.

Allow me to tell you some about your father and your adopted parents.

[Two pages omitted]

In the same way, you must devote your life to others. You no longer live for yourself; you live for your people and for your family. As heir to the throne, you must remember that your will is the only thing that can’t be taken from you; that is why you are named William. Be strong; there are trying times ahead. Love your wife with all your heart. Take care of her. And watch over my grandchildren and my kingdom. I’m counting on you.

I love you so much, my son. You are the perfect child, and I will miss you, but I will watch over you where I am going. Until we meet again, my love, fare thee well.

Your mother,

Queen Elizabeth of Kalbem

The next two years were golden ones that Will and Kat cherished in their memories throughout their lives. They were hardly flawless, as the young couple had many adjustments to make. Though they knew each other all their lives, they had much to learn about each other, and a lot of character molding to do on themselves. Life was no longer about them, but about each other. Misunderstandings happened, but fortunately neither of them ever said bad things about the other in a rage, so they didn't have those regrets weighing on their minds.

Though not much detail was given about Kat and her many suitors in earlier years, it surprised many who knew her that one who could never commit to a man would be so faithful to Will. Will always knew there was an underlying passion she hid behind her beaux, and he found it to be her burning desire to be the woman Will wanted to marry. All that time, she had been preparing for him, but few knew that her greatest passion was becoming her future husband's future wife. In that sense, she was more committed than anyone of that time had ever seen in a young lady.

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