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The Miracle Morning

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Are you winning the day?

Hal Elrod, an inspirational and amazingly positive person, has put together for us the ultimate morning routine to make our lives better and accomplish our goals.

Hal Elrod

Hal Elrod is a motivational speaker who had three major rock bottoms in his life. He suffered from an extremely traumatic car accident as a young adult, suffered in the financial crisis of 2008, and suffered through an incredibly painful, life-threatening battle with cancer. Yet somehow, he is one of the happiest and most positive people you will ever see!

The Miracle Morning

The Miracle Morning is about the journey of Hal Elrod as he overcame his immense obstacles with a positive attitude and made his life (and life satisfaction) better than most of us would even dream of. He consolidates all of this success into one morning routine that can transform your life day by day.

The 5 minute Rule

One impactful rule he gave (which I am terrible at following, but think it’s amazing) is the 5 minute rule. He says that whenever something bad happens, you should set a 5 minute timer to be mad about it. During those 5 minutes, scream, complain, throw things, or what have you, but once it’s over, you take a deep breath and say, “Can’t change it.” Then you release the negativity and move on with your life.

This rule is hard to get into the habit of, but it is a fantastic idea. True emotional pain does not last very long; we simply dwell on our anger/sadness/frustration and make it worse. These three words, “Can’t change it” are freedom. Too often we trap ourselves with our sorrows, but these words release us and empower us to move on.

Can’t Change It

How much of our lives have we wasted wishing away the past? We wish someone else had acted differently, we wish we had opportunities that we don’t currently have, we wish our bodies were more functional, we wish someone hadn’t died, and the list goes on. However, whether the grief is really deep and legitimate or petty, we still can’t change what happened, so why are we taking something bad and making our life worse over it?

I want you to try this right now. Think about something that has been bothering you lately (What have you most recently complained about or what have you complained about most recently?). Set a timer and spend 5 minutes by yourself complaining about it. Feel free to shout about what a jerk someone was to you or how unfair it was that something happened to you. I’ll wait.

Now once your 5 minutes are over, I want you to take a deep breath and say, “Can’t change it.” Take another deep breath and imagine the weight of that stress and that trial being released from your body. You can’t change it, so you shouldn’t let it hurt your life any more than it already has.

Free yourself from misery by accepting that you can’t change other people or circumstances. Promise yourself that you will not let this unfortunate event damage your happiness anymore.

I know this is easier said than done, but if Hal can do it, we all can. Again, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t do it perfectly, but keep trying.


Life SAVERS is an acronym that Hal developed to help you remember the Miracle Morning routine.

S - Silence

This is also meditation. During this portion of your morning routine, you take some time to be silent. Pray, meditate, think about what you’re grateful for, or just breathe in silence. This gives you a calm presence to approach the rest of your day with.

A - Affirmations

This is where you remind yourself of your goals, principles, ideals, and what you want to become. Don’t tell yourself that you’re already there, but state specific actions you will make to become what you want to be.

V - Visualizations

This is where you visualize yourself achieving your goals and the joy you’ll feel. Then you imagine the steps you must take to get to that goal in your mind, and imagine them with a smile, because you know that you will get there through this process.

E - Exercise

This is where you use your wonderful body to give it energy. Take a run, do yoga, dance, lift weights, or some form of exercise you enjoy. Get those endorphins going!

R - Reading

This is where you sit down and enjoy a book. Learn something new, develop yourself, or enjoy the imagination of another.

S - Scribing

This is journaling. Write about whatever it is you feel like writing about. Write a book (or a website), write about your life in your journal and reflect on your thoughts through pen and paper (or a keyboard).


Either read The Miracle Morning or watch this video (or both)! I’m not the best Miracle Morning follower, but I believe in the effects of the teachings of Hal Elrod. If you listen to him, you will probably find him to be one of the most inspirational people you’ve ever listened to.


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