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A monologue to learn Toki Pona in sign language

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Do you know the Toki Pona sign language?

I created a short story in Toki Pona that uses every word and most grammatical structures of the language to aid in the teaching and the learning of this wonderfully simple language.

Below is the sign language version of the monologue, designed to help you associate the words with the Toki Pona sign language.


This is not the official sign language that Sonja Lang created. To be honest, I don't like it as much, since it's difficult to tell words apart and it isn't as intuitive as the version created by polyglot Christopher Huff. Plus Chris's version is all done with one hand, and borrows from ASL. Hopefully I'll eventually do a version with the official sign language.

Also, I used the ASL method of saying names, since the glyph way of saying names would be confusing.

A monologue to learn Toki Pona in sign language

1. toki! ni li jan Miseli.

*2. ona li lawa pi kulupu wawa.

*Correction: ona li jan lawa (I will make changes to the video soon)

3. ona li jo e meli e jan lili tu.

4. nimi meli li jan Ana.

5. tenpo suno la jan Miseli en jan lili mije li alasa e kala e kasi.

(Chris didn't make a word for alasa, so I adapted the word hunt from ASL.)

6. lon tomo la jan lili pi nanpa tu en mama li pali e pan e len.

7. tenpo pimeja la ona li sike lon seli, li kalama musi, li pali e sitelen lon ma, li lukin e mun.

8. jan lili li toki e ni: mama o, akesi laso li lon luka mi. ni li pona tawa mi!

9. jan lili ante li toki e ni: ike! mama o, pipi jaki li lon monsi mi. ni li ike tawa mi. o moli e ona!

10. jan Miseli li pakala e palisa la ona li kute e kalama pi jan lili.

11. ona li pana e pipi lon poki. ona li pana e poki tawa jan lili.

12. ona li toki e ni: ken la, sina ken moli e pipi.

13. jan lili li open e poki li moli e pipi kepeken kiwen.

14. jan Miseli li toki e ni: pona! tenpo ni la o lape.

15. jan lili li toki e ni: mi wile ala lape.

16. jan Miseli li toki e ni: sina utala ala utala e mi?

17. kon li lete e sijelo pi jan lili.

18. jan lili li toki e ni: utala ala. mi lape. mi sona e nasin. kin.

19. seli li pini la, jan Miseli en jan Ana li moku e kili loje e telo.

20. ona li toki e ni: mi olin e sina.

21. **ona li unpa.

*22. tenpo kama la, jan Ana li tawa lon esun.

*Correction: tenpo suno kama la (I will make changes to the video soon)

23. ona li wile e ilo tan ni: ona li wan e noka supa kepeken ilo.

24. mama li weka la ona li esun e ijo e soweli jelo loje kepeken mani.

25. jan lili li lukin e soweli la ona li pilin pona.

*26. soweli li suli li suwi li toki e mu.

*Correction: li mu musi (I will make changes to the video soon)

*27. soweli li awen lon lupa poka.

*Correction: awen lon poka lupa (I will make changes to the video soon)

28. ona li jo e waso walo lon uta.

29. jan Miseli li lukin e jan lili ona.

30. ona li toki e ni: pakala. sina wan anu sina tu li kama anpa e soweli nasa ni.

*31. ona li tawa lon tomo insa li lukin e lipu sin ona pi nasin sewi.

*Correction: lon insa tomo & lipu sin ona (I will make changes to the video soon)

32. jan lili meli li kule e linja lawa ona. jan lili mije li pana e ko ma lon sinpin ona.

33. mama meli li toki e ni: sina jaki mute mute tan seme a?

34. ona li weka e ko ma lon nena ona.

*35. ona li toki e ni: sina en sama sina li wile pona e selo sina. taso, o pali ala e telo ali.

*Correction: sina en jan sama sina (I will make changes to the video soon)

36. sina sona e ni la sina ken sona e toki pona li pu. pona!

(No word for pu, so I spelled it in ASL.)


If you haven't, read the monologue with its translations (you can find explanations here), then read this, and if you're still feeling adventurous, check out my monologue translated to hieroglyphs!


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