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Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Are you happy with your consumption habits?

As much as I bash on over-consumption, consumption, in of itself, is a very needful and wonderful thing. If everyone consumed without creating, we would be in trouble, but on the other hand, if everyone created without consuming, we would never progress and help each other. There are some phenomenal creations out there, designed to make the lives of others better. Who are we to ignore these wonderful gifts that people take their time and strained effort to create?

Unwillingness to consume

I recall an interesting experience with my brother, Scott. My family heavily emphasized gift-giving during Christmas time, so all of us got really excited about what we gave people. Instead of asking, “What did you get for Christmas?” we would often ask, “What did you give for Christmas?” I think it was better that way. One Christmas, Scott decided that he didn’t want to get anything and only wanted to give. His heart was in the right place, but we explained to him that by not receiving, he was depriving the rest of us from having the experience of giving. We must create and consume to make the world a better place, by accepting the creations of others and helping others in return.

There are a lot of good things to consume, but there are better and best categories that deserve more attention. I can’t define this for you, as different activities have different value to different people. Generally speaking though, the more scope for the imagination the activity gives you, the better, and if it helps you become a better person and build a better life, that is best.

Good options for consumption

  1. Scriptures - If you’re religious, the texts of your faith can uplift and inspire you to become a better person. - Post coming soon!

  2. Uplifting music - Music has the power to inspire, heal, uplift, and create habits; use it to your advantage! - Post coming soon!

  3. Uplifting movies - There are some great stories and characters out there; choose the ones that make you want to improve yourself. - Post coming soon!

  4. Healthy food - Health is wealth; take care of your body so it can take care of you! - Post coming soon!

  5. Reading - Both in fantasy and fiction, there are lessons to be learned, battles to overcome, and inspiration to be found.

  6. Podcasts - There is a lot of amazing information out there that we can listen to while we drive or clean the house; explore! - Post coming soon!

  7. Language learning - Language is the means by which we connect to people; learn how the languages of others shapes their perspective on the world.

  8. Academics/Education - We can’t create if we don’t learn; discover and develop your talents!

  9. Games that teach - Sometimes one of the best ways to learn is to gamify education; find games that help you achieve your goals! - Post coming soon!

  10. Toys that spark imagination - Some toys are great at developing creativity and teaching children about spacial awareness and relationships. - Post coming soon!

  11. Creations of others - There are a lot of amazing ideas and products that others took the time to create; if they better your life, enjoy the fruits of someone’s hard work! - Post coming soon!

  12. Presents - Presents are meant to be enjoyed; indulge a little when someone makes the effort to give you something.

  13. Items that improve the quality of life - Items are not wastes if they bring joy to you and make your life better; buy things that improve your life.

  14. Fun videos - Sometimes sharing a laugh with a loved one is priceless; use wholesome entertainment in moderation, but take advantage of it.


My challenge is for you to think of something you can consume that is good (it doesn’t have to be on this list). Then think of something better than that to consume. Now think of the best thing you can possibly consume and go do that. Input some goodness into your life!


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