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What to Create - Start Here (29 ideas)

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Are you satisfied with your creative habits?

I believe that there is more satisfaction in creativity than in consumption. While both can be good or bad, I recommend we prioritize creativity before consumption. We should make it a daily habit to output a little bit more goodness into the world. Fortunately it can have a snowball effect, since creative goodness inspires more creative goodness and you can find it compounding in your life and those around you.

Where to start

In this day and age, creativity can be really hard, because everything that seemingly can be thought of has already been done. Fortunately, you don’t have to be unique to be creative. Your goal should be to make the world a little better. Maybe there are people you can influence or ideas from other people that you can put your own spin on. The more time you give yourself to think about it, the more possibilities you can discover.

Ideas for getting creative and putting a little extra goodness into the world:

  1. Relationships - What is more important in life than this? - Post coming soon!

  2. Conversation - Create conversation with humans and develop lasting relationships.

  3. Inside jokes - Create unique and special bonds with those you hold dear.

  4. Games - Play one you have or make one up.

  5. No point games - Do away with winners and losers and focus on having fun!

  6. Play outside - Bike, walk, go to the park, or sit outside. - Post coming soon!

  7. Family history - Discover your heritage. - Intended post coming soon!

  8. Faith/Spirituality - Find your purpose in life and what brings you joy.

  9. Gratitude - Create a grateful heart by taking time to focus on the wonders in your life.

  10. Clean the house - Create a more peaceful atmosphere in your living space.

  11. Gardening - Create beauty, food, and fresh air for your household. - Post coming soon!

  12. Create a budget - Control your consumption and give your money a purpose.

  13. Save and Invest - Create a nest egg to bless your future.

  14. Meditation - Ground yourself in the present and become more mindful.

  15. Vision board - Create a reminder of your goals. - Intended post coming soon!

  16. Journaling - Create a record of remembrance for you and your posterity.

  17. Learn how to be bored - Surprisingly, this is a skill most people don’t have, but it gives great scope for the imagination!

  18. Imagination/creativity exercises - Sharpen your mind and visualization skills.

  19. Creative writing - Create other worlds and characters. - Post coming soon!

  20. Sing - Sing without music or create your own song. - Post coming soon!

  21. Write music - Create your own music to inspire and uplift. - Post coming soon!

  22. Dance - Dance like no one is there and make your own moves. - Post coming soon!

  23. Act - Act like someone else for fun. - Post coming soon!

  24. Exercise - Create a better body and enjoy the endorphins.

  25. Stretch - Develop flexibility and range of motion. - Post coming soon!

  26. Prepare food - Create delicious and/or healthy food to enjoy. - Post coming soon!

  27. Arts and Crafts - Sew, stitch, fold paper, or build something from sticks; let your imagination run wild! - Post coming soon!

  28. Sports - Get a ball and play your favorite sport. - Post coming soon!

  29. Skill toys - pick up a unique skill, like juggling or magic!


Pick one of these ideas and do it right now, even if only for 5 minutes. Take the time and enjoy it!


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