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How can Worthy Bonds benefit your future?

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Do you receive a 5% interest in your savings account?

Worthy bonds is an investment platform that is based on giving loans called bonds to companies and supporting fellow humans in their business achievements.

My opinion of Worthy is overall positive. I like how simple it is and I like the idea behind it. If you watch the video, you can see that they are liquid asset backed bonds given to smaller companies, helping them further their businesses. The reason why they are called Worthy Bonds is because some bonds are less worthy, some are partly worthy, some are almost worthy, and the bonds they offer are the Worthy standard. The Worthy standard requires the company to have liquid assets (a liquid asset is an asset that can be readily converted to cash, if it isn’t already cash) that are significantly greater than the loan the company is being given.

Example of an asset backed loan

Say we have a restaurant and we want to buy a new oven, but we don't have the money. We decide to get a bond that loans the money to buy that oven. In case of default, we sign off assets like a refrigerator, which can be sold to cover the loan. Assuming we don’t default, we pay a 5% simple interest rate on the loan we were given. (This might not be a liquid enough example to apply to Worthy, but the principal is the same.)

Worthy Bonds are very straightforward. You loan a business money and then they pay you extra for the use of your money (like renting money). I like Worthy because it's very simple, hands-off, and I like the consistent returns. Since the bonds are based in debt, they are a pretty consistent, reasonably low risk investment (especially since all these bonds are backed by assets). Granted, nothing is guaranteed, so always use caution when investing.


Worthy Bonds run for three year terms. They gain 5% interest per year. Each bond is $10, so if you have one bond you will get approximately one cent every four days, 50 cents a year, and $1.50 in the life of the bond. The more bonds you have the more you get.


  • Reinvestment of payouts - You have the option to reinvest your interest once you hit $10 of accrual. That way you can take advantage of compound interest.

  • Scheduled transfers - You can set up one time or regular deposits for buying more bonds.

  • Worthy offers round-ups - It links to your card and keeps track of what you would be spending if you rounded it up to the next dollar and then it buys a bond every time you hit $10 of accrual.

  • Interest reports - it has a good amount of detail here, such as daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly accrual.

  • Hands-off investment - You don’t have to do much at all; it does all of the work for you.

  • Liquid investment - Though it isn’t encouraged, you can sell your bonds at any time.


  • Worthy does not tell you what businesses they are investing in or give you much of any information about your investments. This is very much a hands off investment. You don't really know where your money is going; you just put it in and you leave it alone.

  • It doesn’t connect to Personal Capital. I love Personal Capital very much, so I’ve been sending requests for them to add this platform to their linking system.

  • The app is not very good. It doesn't really even feel like an app as it looks exactly like the mobile website. I deleted the app from my phone because I didn’t consider it worth the space.

  • Even though it is lower risk than most investments, there is always a risk to any platform you invest your money into.

All in all, I think Worthy is a great side investment to put a couple hundred dollars into for diversification of your portfolio. Obviously, I'm not a financial advisor, so take this as merely my opinion and informing you of what I like to do. I like the consistent earnings of Worthy; they are not as high as they can be in other investments, but so far,

my experience with Worthy has been positive. I haven’t yet had Worthy for three years to see what happens at the end of a bond, but I assume I can simply buy more bonds with the cash. In general, I would recommend Worthy.


Watch this video and see what you think. If you like Worthy, you're welcome to sign up. If you use my link and put in $200 for the first six months, then you and I will both get a free bond! I thank you if you do that, but don't do it just because I told you to look into it. Think about it, then if you like it and you're interested in it, go for it.


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